Derek Chang


Derek Chang


Center for Computational Engineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering
Graduate Student


I am pursuing a PhD in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) and Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). Broadly, my interests are in stochastic models, statistical inference, Bayesian model, and optimization applied to extreme events and operation of cyberphysical systems. My PhD research focuses on storm resilience of power distribution networks and addresses the problem in an end-to-end fashion. I have built deterministic models for predicting hurricane surface wind fields, and aim to extend the model to include spatiotemporal stochasticity. In addition, I am currently working on models for stochastic failures of power system components during storms. Future work will address resource and crew pre-positioning problems in preparation for storms using two-stage stochastic optimization formulations, including placement of emergency local power generation capacity. I am currently supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.


Chang, D. (2015). "Assessing Impact of the Sulfate Aerosol First Indirect Effect on Tropical Cyclone Activity," M.S. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Linkov I., Eisenberg D., Bates M., Chang D., Convertino M., Allen J.H., Flynn S.E., Seager T.P. “Measurable Resilience for Actionable Policy,” Environmental Science and Technology, 2013


Bayesian Modeling, Machine Learning, Algorithms for Inference, Optimization Methods, Resilient Infrastructure Control, Applied Probability, Random Fields

Additional Information: 

My other interests include playing the piano and guitar, martial arts, learning foreign languages, and hosting Couchsurfers.