Secure Control: Towards Survivable Cyber-Physical Systems

TitleSecure Control: Towards Survivable Cyber-Physical Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCardenas, A.. A., S.. Amin, and S.. Sastry
Conference Name2008 The 28th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops
Date PublishedJune
KeywordsCommunication system control, Computer security, Control systems, Control theory, critical infrastructures, cyber-physical systems survivability, Data security, information security, Intelligent sensors, National security, Protection, SCADA, SCADA systems, secure control, security, security of data, sensor networks, Sensor systems

In this position paper we investigate the security of cyber-physical systems. We (1) identify and define the problem of secure control, (2) investigate the defenses that information security and control theory can provide, and (3) propose a set of challenges that need to be addressed to improve the survivability of cyber-physical systems.