IAP Security Games on Infrastructure Networks Workshop


Participant teams of two will play a strategic game, where each person plays a role of an attacker or defender of a simulated water network, and acts to disrupt or protect the network components while facing the opponent. ... (MIT Open House)

(Photo: Marilyn Siderwicz, MIT News)

via MIT News:

A popular demonstration with teenagers was playing security games on infrastructure networks. A group of middle schoolers in red t-shirts from the Argosy Collegiate Charter School in Fall River sat at Pierce Lab computers challenging each other to attack and defend their simulated large-scale utility network systems.

Amid cries of “gotcha,” 13-year-old Darian Payne spoke about his future aspirations. “I want someday to test computer programs and fix flaws. My friend likes to build games, but I play a lot of them and have a taste for what’s working right and what isn’t. I know I would be good at showing what’s wrong and making it better.” Systems engineering exercises like this opened some visitors’ eyes to just how far CEE extends.

The game is availble to play here: Security Games on Infrastructure Networks