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Jeffrey Liu


Center for Computational Engineering / Civil & Environmental Engineering


Jeff is a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering and Computation from the Center for Computational Engineering and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at MIT. He also holds a BSE in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan, and an MS in Computation for Design and Optimization from MIT.

His work applies game theory to characterize the effects of information and uncertainty on route choices and system performance in transportation networks.

He is also one of the co-founding members for the Association of Computational Science and Engineering Students (ACSES) at MIT, which serves to unite students interested in computational engineering by hosting various academic and social events. He has previously served on the ACSES board as secretary and president. 


Game Theory, Machine Learning, Statistical Inference, Uncertainty Quantification, Distributed Systems, Economic Incentives, Decision Theory


M.A. Leonova, A.D. Krisch, J. Liu, et al. "Higher Order Spin Resonances in a 2.1-GeV/c Polarized Proton Beam" Phys Rev Lett, vol. 108, no. 7, pp. 074801-074806, Feb. 2012


Additional Information: 

Jeff enjoys biking through Boston, going to concerts, playing string instruments, producing electronic music, DJ-ing, and dancing.

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