Manxi Wu


Manxi Wu


Institute of Data System and Society
Graduate Student


PhD of Social and Engineering System, MIT, 2017 June - Present
Master of Science in Transportation, MIT, 2015 Aug. - 2017 June
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Peking University, 2011-2015


My research interests are in the applications of game theory and network optimization to large-scale infrastructure networks that are prone to inefficiencies such as congestion and reliability failures. Currently, I am working on the design and analysis of game-theoretic algorithms for analyzing the welfare of commuters in transportation networks, when they face asymmetric (incomplete) information about the network state and travel demand. My work builds on the rigorous theory of optimal traffic assignment in transportation networks under symmetric information settings, and extends it to include the effects of heterogeneous information on commuters’ equilibrium route choices. I expect that my research will contribute to a class of learning algorithms in network games with incomplete information structure and can be used to generate useful predictions about network congestion when the network is prone to shocks.


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