Student Name Description Start End
Dressler, Jillian F.     Resilient Water Supply Networks     2/1/2016  5/31/2016
Lima, Nicholas D. Statistical Modeling of Turbine Data 2/3/2014 6/8/2014
Homrich, John Thomas B. Development of Jaunt: A Data Trustworthiness Computational Framework 2/3/2014 2/1/2015
Tansaraviput, Navi Security Threat Assessment of Smart Electricity Distribution Networks 1/1/2014 6/8/2014
Guo, Stephen Analysis and Control of Freeway Traffic Accidents 9/3/2013 6/8/2014
Munroe, Christopher J. Prognostic Assessment of Degradation in Gas and Steam Turbines 5/27/2013 9/2/2013
Ogutu, David Data Mining for Networked Transportation Infrastructure Security 1/7/2013 2/1/2015